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GOP Reaping With Donald Trump What They Have Sown With Anger And Hatred

December 2, 2015

There was a time back in the days when a black congressman was spit on as he walked into the halls of power , or a when a GOP congressman yelled out at President Obama during a SOTU, or when the ‘birthers’ did everything but breath actual fire when the Republican Party could have used their means of control to bring calm and reason to their base.

Instead of taking the high road the GOP took the downward path in politics and not only allowed but encouraged the fringe elements to run the show.

Now that unhinged element has seemingly taken over the process for electing a nominee of their party.   I am not sure what is more interesting to watch as a blogger and armchair politico–the wing-nuts who are carrying Donald Trump to a continuous roughly 25% in the polls or the establishment wing of the party who are about to hyperventilate over the fact they are not now able to exercise power.

Meanwhile Democrats are awaiting what looks more and more like a real civil war within the Republican Party.  If one did not know better it seems that many in the GOP are working for a Hillary Clinton Election Night victory.

Which brings me to the must read from the daily newspapers.

Some of the highest-ranking Republicans in Congress and some of the party’s wealthiest and most generous donors have balked at trying to take down Mr. Trump because they fear a public feud with the insult-spewing media figure. Others warn that doing so might backfire at a time of soaring anger toward political insiders.

That has led to a standoff of sorts: Almost everyone in the party’s upper echelons agrees something must be done, and almost no one is willing to do it.

With his knack for offending the very constituencies Republicans have struggled with in recent elections, women and minorities, Mr. Trump could be a millstone on his party if he won the nomination. He is viewed unfavorably by 64 percent of women and 74 percent of nonwhite voters, according to a November ABC News/Washington Post poll. Such unpopularity could not only doom his candidacy in November but also threaten the party’s tenuous majority in the Senate, hand House seats to the Democrats and imperil Republicans in a handful of governor’s races.

In states with some of the most competitive Senate contests, the concern is palpable, especially after weeks in which Mr. Trump has made a new series of inflammatory statements.

“If he carries this message into the general election in Ohio, we’ll hand this election to Hillary Clinton — and then try to salvage the rest of the ticket,” said Matt Borges, chairman of the Republican Party there, where Senator Rob Portman is facing a competitive re-election.

Pat Brady, the former state Republican chairman in Illinois, where Senator Mark S. Kirk is also locked in a difficult campaign, was even more direct. “If he’s our nominee, the repercussions of that in this state would be devastating,” Mr. Brady said.

There is never a good time or reason to allow the goofy fringe element to gain control of the narrative of a political party.    There was a time when the Tea Party element could have been handled.  Now that element is aimed not at the undermining  of government as was their first mission, but the destruction of the modern day Republican Party.

Did I just hear a champagne cork pop at Clinton headquarters?

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