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True Reporting Instincts Drive David Danelski, San Bernardino Reporter, In Mass Shooting

December 2, 2015

If you ever wonder why I think so highly of reporters and so respect the work they do to inform their readers and viewers need look no further than this account from David Danelski.

Press-Enterprise Reporter David Danelski was caught up in the middle of Wednesday afternoon’s shootout as police surrounded a dark SUV in San Bernardino where one suspect was reportedly down.

Danelski was chasing reports that police had found a black SUV. Here is his first-person account:

I was driving on San Bernardino Avenue and had just crossed Tippecanoe when I saw several police cars going down San Bernardino Avenue with their lights on and I followed them at a safe distance.

“Then as I was going down San Bernardino, I heard a thundering sound. I didn’t recognize the sound as gunfire. Then I heard something strange, a whizzing sound go by my car.

I thought, “Oh my God that could be gunshots and I pulled over.”

I’m on San Bernardino Avenue.

Then I see cops running in that direction, just arriving, maybe six of them and I hear more gunshots. I grab my camera and I’m taking pictures, taking pictures of cops running with guns and then all of a sudden a bunch more gunshots and then I ran.

I made it to the other side of the street and I take cover behind a block wall on my belly, and then lying on my stomach behind a little, short brick wall.

More cops come and one officer starts yelling at me and pulls his pistol and he asks me what I’m doing there.

“I’m a reporter,” I said.

“How did you end up here?” the cop asks.

“I just got caught up in this,” I told him.

He said, “We don’t know who’s out here. Take your camera and go.”

So I ran down the street, two houses down, San Bernardino Avenue, just east of Richardson.

There is a family here and I’ve been hiding in their backyard and they (cops) are still looking for the guy and it could last for hours.

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