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Mount Horeb Shows How We Can Be Humane To Each Other Over Transgender Issue

December 3, 2015

There was a powerful reminder last night in Mount Horeb that there is still good in the world even when so many headlines proclaim just the opposite.

All week long one of the most talked about local news stories was the dust-up regarding an out-of-state religious group who somehow thought it their right to dictate if a book about a transgender person could be read to students.

The Mount Horeb School District was planning to read “I am Jazz” to support a transgender child in the village but once a lawsuit was threatened backed away from doing so.  The religious group said that it was  inappropriate for public schools to talk about transgender issues.

That is simply rubbish, and many in the area strongly felt the school administration should have told the group to pound sand.  After all local residents were fine with the book being read.  Parents had been presented with news of the reading along with an opt-out provision for any parent who might not understand why this was a good idea.  All bases had been covered.

When the news was made known the book would not be read many were upset, and rightfully so.

But then something most remarkable and uplifting happened when families in Mount Horeb turned out at the village library last night and collectively read the book.  The library counter showed 576 people were in attendance. 

With the controversy gaining steam the end result was that more people are talking about transgender issues, how to stand by young people who are dealing with this matter, and now know the book was a timely, compassionate,, and helpful way to work through the matter.

This is another example when a religious group tried to start a culture war over a matter that local taxpayers and concerned parents already had under control and knew how they wished to have it handled.  Transgender students should demand and expect the same level of acceptance and ease of accommodations as any other person in the classroom.  Those students also need to have the full support of the schools.

What is most heartening for this unamend young person in Mount Horeb is the level of strong support from the community.   The way the townspeople came together is not only a tonic for today when so much else in the news is dark, but also a reminder for the future that our better angels always lead us to the best path to take as a society.

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  1. Valerie permalink
    August 7, 2016 5:28 PM

    The entire GOP convention should have read about this and then sat for a few minutes and thought it through. Bravo to Mount Horeb!

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