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GOP Establishment Worried About Donald Trump

December 8, 2015

There is nothing better to watch than the Republican Party wince in agony as they try to figure out how to deal with Donald Trump.  Their entire plan to retake the White House in 2016 is coming unglued right in front of their eyes and there seems no way to handle the situation.  A situation I have argued over and over was of their creation years ago when they allowed Trump and other wack-jobs to hijack their party.  They courted the Tea Party and laughed at their jokes while helping to stir the pot of anger and bile.

Now that Donald Trump is making the most absurd statements and leading in all polls the establishment of the GOP are all but wetting their pants.

A new poll from Suffolk/USA Today shows that 68% of Trump’s supporters would back him if he were to jump the GOP ship and run as an independent.    While there is no way the GOP will allow Trump the nomination they do have to ponder how large of a ribbon they wish to place on the election victory of Hillary Clinton.  After all a split GOP can not win.  A third-party race would destroy any chance of a Republican win.

There must be many tonight in the land pondering what might have been had they found their spine and stopped Trump back in the days when he was talking smack about the religion and birth of our American president.    When you do not stomp hard on those like Trump they then have the chance to become something far more sinister.

Tonight there is no  doubt Trump is laughing at how well he has played the Republican Party.   We all might laugh too if the stakes for our country were not so high.  Trump is playing a very dangerous game.  He is too stupid to grasp the complexity of how he is placing our nation in harm’s way.  His angry uneducated white followers are clearly in no shape to see the downside of their applause and approval of this man.

If there is a mass movement of the GOP to take him down it needs to move into high gear and show no sign of timidity.  This bastard must fall from his political heights.

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