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Donald Trump Is “The White ISIS”

December 9, 2015

Comedy Central struck hard and deep last night when The Daily Show shoved the hot poker of comedy straight up Donald Trump’s backside.

In one segment Hasan Minhaj, himself a Muslim, said Trump is absolutely right to keep Muslims out. Oh, not because they’re a danger, but because there’s a “racist maniac” on the loose.


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  1. tom permalink
    December 10, 2015 8:18 AM

    What a stupid comment to compare Trump to “white ISIS.” As far as I can tell, Trump has not left and mounts of decapitated heads along the road, nor has he burned captive pilots alive and posted the video online for all to enjoy. What a sickening moral equivalence. I thought you cared about “truth?”

    Call Trump a bigot and racist–that’s fair. Question why his followers still follow him, that’s fair. But to compare him to ISIS is to trivialize ISIS and their crimes.

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