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Pick Party Preference And Turnout By Demographic Group For 2016 Election

December 9, 2015

It is clear that I enjoy the full array of topics that can be placed under the title ‘campaigns and elections’ .  About this time every four years I start to look into the ways the magic number of 270 electoral votes can be gained by one party or another to win the White House.

I have posted often that the GOP needed to have an immigration bill under their belt not only for the next cycle but also for the long-term interests of their party.  The demographics tell the tale of what will be our electoral future.

I have also stated–as have so many others–that the GOP needs to moderate their conservative message and speak again to the broad middle swath of America.    Without Hispanics and moderates there is no national elections that Republicans can hope to win.

But how do you see the electoral map?

There is now a great way to move the states into one group or another and ponder the outcome of Election 2016.  You can change the settings on this site to see how shifts in party preference and turnout by different demographic groups would affect the 2016 presidential election.

Have fun.

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