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Time Magazine Made Correct Call With Angela Merkel For Person Of The Year 2015

December 11, 2015

Over the past few days there has been a few notes made in the news that Donald Trump got this nose out of place for not making Time magazine’s Person of the Year.    His supporters have argued that he is the most influential American or politician this year, and as such should be on the cover of the year-end issue.

To them I say the magazine is one of international scope and in no way depends on the loudest or most brash in this country to determine person of the year.  I grant to his supporters that Trump has upended the GOP primary season and brought racism and bigotry into sharper focus than anyone else in the conservative movement since David Duke.    But that is not enough to make the prestigious cover.

Over and over we have seen it usually takes a woman to show the rest of us how to manage our affairs–if you think I am wrong consider the role Moms play in every household.  Just think of the times Angela Merkel made headlines this year and the degree her political skills were employed to persuade her European counterparts or press America to do better with those needing our help.

I think she has been more shrewd with Russian President Putin than President Obama has been.  And if one is looking for a tough negotiator–as Trump always asserts himself to be–they need look no further than Merkel and how she dealt with the matter of Greece’s economic woes.

The person chosen this year by Time makes this annual event most worthy of a read.  It was appropriate and one that echoed with the events that played out in the world–the only criteria that matters when it comes to making the choice.



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  1. tom permalink
    January 14, 2016 10:26 AM

    I think a lot of people will be reflecting on this in a different light after The Rape of Cologne–a story I knew you’d ignore–and its coverup by the German Leftist establishment. It is sickening that German women are told to change their behavior, but the victim shaming here is something feminists will ignore, too. I expect the backlash against Merkel’s open door policy is building momentum.

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