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Holding Wisconsin Gun Dealers Feet To The Fire

December 13, 2015

There is good news to report for those who care about making sure Wisconsin gun dealers are forced to deal with the reality of the weapons they sell–the very same ones which cause so much harm to society.

This weekend it was reported that the often headline-making Badger Guns will pay $1 million to settle a lawsuit in which a jury found it negligently sold a gun used to injure two Milwaukee police officers.    Many in this state have vivid memories of the way the gun sold by this immoral business came to cause much bodily harm to our valued law officers.

Both of the officers were both shot in the face after they stopped a man who had a weapon–a Taurus .40-caliber handgun–which he had obtained after giving $40 to another man to make the straw-man purchase at the gun store in West Milwaukee.

One bullet shattered eight teeth of an officer and blew through his cheek and lodged into his shoulder.   The other officer was shot several times whichresulting in him losing an eye and part of the frontal lobe of his brain.

Given the settlement news this weekend we can deduce the gun store clearly saw the writing on the wall even though they had snarled about endless appeals following a jury’s award of $6 million to the officers.    The jury correctly found Badger Guns and its owner negligently sold the gun to a straw buyer.

Still ahead for this gutter-type business is another lawsuit which was filed by two different Milwaukee officers also wounded with a gun bought from the shop.  That trial starts in May.  My hope is that a jury helps bleed the business a bit more—-far better than the bleeding their guns have constantly caused our state.

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