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One Threat The GOP Is Not Scared About

December 13, 2015

When your candidacy is in a free-fall akin to the homes in the Northwest being pushed over a cliff from the pressures of Mother Nature means it is not the time to reach for even higher placed fruit on the tree.  But political acumen is not one of Ben Carson’s strengths.

So it is that we come to learn that Carson “doubled down on his stance that he will leave the GOP if party elite are planning to mount a floor fight at the nominating convention,” The Hill reports.

Said Carson: “Well, one of the reasons that I got into this is because I heard the frustration in the people who are so tired of back-room deals, of subterfuge, of dishonesty. And, you know, if that is the case, then you know I’m out of here.”

Do not let the door hit your sleepy dope-like backside when you leave.

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