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Can Mitt Romney Still Become GOP Nominee?

December 14, 2015

I have played several times with the idea on Facebook that Mitt Romney can become the favored man should there be a Republican convention that is deadlocked with no one person able to garner the needed delegates.  Given the work Mitt Romney did for himself and the GOP following his loss in 2012, and that his numbers were very good with polling in early 2015 might suggest there is a backroom deal that could place him center stage.

For anyone who thinks my idea laughable only need look at the landscape of the Republican Party over the last 6 months and ask what is funnier than that.

And the idea of a brokered convention is more and more taking shape if you keep in fact the numbers.  All it takes is for three or more Republican candidates to be competitive  and fighting in the presidential race beyond March 15.  I would lay everything I own on that happening.

Therefore it becomes more likely that no candidate accumulates over 50 percent of delegates, so multiple ballots could be needed to select the Republican nominee at the convention.  You have to then make the not so large leap that Donald Trump will be one of them–and the GOP establishment will and can not allow that to happen.

Romney of course says he is not running–and lets be honest–anything other than that would be absurd for him to breathe.  But the party will need a candidate with some gravitas and experience.  They will need someone who has a pleasant personality and also smart.  To meet the needs of the party they will have to seek a Romney-like person.

And when one starts looking at the numbers and skill sets it might be best to bring Romney into full view.    That is not to say he could win–but he would not bring the rest of the party to their knees like Ted Cruz would do.

Lots will happen from now to convention time—but let us not discount what might very well be brewing.

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  1. Craig permalink
    December 15, 2015 5:34 PM

    Romney would do no better than last time but far better than the ones who are debating tonight. Hillary has this very much in her pocket.

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