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What Happened To Oval Office Floor With President Eisenhower’s Golf Cleat Marks?

December 14, 2015

Over and over we have heard or read about the cork floor of the Oval Office and the marks left from President Eisenhower’s golf cleats.  My Mom–(yours too)–would first ask what in the world did Ike think when wearing the shoes inside and on the floors.

But after that–and accepting that the marks were made and became a part of the history of the building–then leads to the obvious question.  What happened to those markings?

We know that President Kennedy decided not to replace the floor, nor did President Johnson.   Which leads us to……

President Nixon had the floor boards pulled up and replaced.   And what of the pocked wood?

Nixon had the floor cut up into two-inch squares, mounted them on plaques, and sent them to the people he wanted to have one.    (We can only imagine what he hoped to achieve in goodwill for the offering.)

I have not been able to locate any photo of that item and wonder how many are still in a collection somewhere.

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