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Ted Cruz Needs To Be Taken Down A Notch At Presidential Debate

December 15, 2015

We all know that Donald Trump is filled with contempt for women, racist attitudes towards Hispanics, and pure xenophobia when it comes Muslims.  He is not psychologically fit to run for the school board in New York let alone president of the country.

But we also need to be mindful that Ted Cruz is the one that we need to keep our eye on as he is the more cunning and dangerous man in the race for the GOP nomination.   Trump and Ben Carson are just hungry for some ego-stroking and additional fame, but Cruz is hoping to win and then implement his brand of hard-right ideology on the nation.

He of course first needs to win over his party that we know is not at all warm to his style of bloviating.   Cruz sounds good on the chicken dinner circuit when stirring up support in far-flung counties, but when he is placed in the halls of power we know that he loses sight of logical thought and plays to some demonic drumbeat of conservatism that bangs away in his head.

So tonight there needs to be an effort from the others on the debate stage to strike at Cruz and underscore for the country that he is not suited for the White House.   That strike may come from Trump who is feeling the heat from  Cruz in the polls, or from the likes of Chris Christie who can challenge the Texas senator on national security issues .    Rubio has every reason to throw a well-timed strike as he has proven in past debates to know how to aim and then follow with a volley of well-phrased words.

Whoever and whatever it takes to show Cruz to be wrong for the party and the nation needs to stand up and demonstrate for all to see why they signed up as a candidate this cycle.  The best way to show leadership about the future needs of the nation is to underscore why Cruz is the wrong person to allow any more power.

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