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Random Thoughts About Republican Presidential Debate

December 16, 2015

It appears to me the morning after the Republican debate the lay of the land is not so different from that which existed prior to the slugfest.  Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are still in the top two positions, and while that adds some excitement for the base in the primary contests that in no way aids the party for the general election.

The top two–for whatever reason–did not joust in the fashion that many had expected–or hoped for.  No new openings were created last night for another candidate to emerge or present themselves to the voters as a real contender.  For the holidays it appears the contest will be frozen in place.

Senator Rubio again proved that he is a serious thinker–regardless of whether one agrees with his views or not.  Taking a strong stand on the need to remove dictators and do so in a time-frame that makes it more likely to work for American interests is indeed the prudent and wise way to proceed.  His differences with Cruz over the support or lack of support for dictators along with their sharp differences over immigration made for the best part of the debate.   Rubio speaks to the larger needs of the party, while Cruz played to the harsh right-wing element who love to present their views now and wonder later why they are on the outside of the White House looking in following Inauguration Day.

Jeb Bush proved again that he is a cerebral man.  But you know he is wondering what in hell is wrong with his party as he argues with Donald Trump about the idea of going after the families of terrorists. There is no way that Jeb could have imagined he would need to slip lower than the curb regarding issues he needed to talk about in order to win the nomination. But that is where Trump has taken the party–and sadly the nation.  The best line of the night was when Jeb stated “Donald you are not gonna insult your way to the presidency.”

The worst image of the night was when Cruz gave a Joe McCarthy grin when asked about his statement in wanting to see if sand glows from carpet bombing the Mid-East. The man was potty trained at gun point–I am sure of it.

Ben Carson again showed how little he knows. When he at one time talked about wanting more air time at the debate and then seconds later proved himself unable to answer a question when given the chance to talk—well, he needs to just go back to sleep for the rest of the election.  He is not ready for prime time–in any time zone.  No one can take him seriously.

But then it is hard at another level to take Chris Christie seriously as a presidential contender after his incendiary remarks about shooting down Russian pilots over a proposed no-fly zone.   If a candidate can not muster the art of crafting  a careful  response in a mere debate how can we have any faith, given the real stress of the Oval Office, that dangerous language will not be the norm.

Finally the light-hearted moment of the evening was from Wayne Newton who was seen in the crowd for the GOP debate—–how many face-lifts has this man had? He looks like a space alien.  I found a recent photo of him online.


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