Bernie Sanders Not Expanding Details To Plans Makes For Mistake As Candidate

One of the points I made to James while watching last night’s Democratic debate is that Bernie Sanders plays only the greatest hits and never has any new material to showcase.   Perhaps I watch and read political news too much and really want something more at a debate.  But there was noting new to hear from what was offered last night from Sanders when it comes to his economic planks.    That statement is meant only as a fact.

The other gripe I have about Sander’s presentation is never getting him to address how his budget would be orchestrated so to pay for the programs he champions–some of those programs which I very much agree with.   But as a pragmatic voter I want as much detail from him about proposals as I do when pestering other candidates about their hopes.  It is not an unreasonable request.  From what has been presented thus far his ideas are not funded, and if he has budget numbers to show otherwise this is the time to present them.

Which brings me to the link below and the political problem that runs to the heart of the Sander’s campaign.

New York Times: “Most candidates evolve: Barack Obama and George W. Bush became better at communicating and campaigning during their first presidential races, and their agendas developed overarching themes. Mr. Sanders, by contrast, was repeating old talking points on Saturday night — like breaking up big banks and increasing taxes on the rich — without convincingly saying how he would achieve those goals or presenting them in powerful new language. As the debate demonstrated, he has yet to grow from a movement messiah into a national candidate whom many people can imagine as president.”

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