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A Fair Look At Richard Nixon

January 3, 2016

Bill Gates wrote a great review of Being Nixon, by author and journalist Evan Thomas.   I just have to share this.   This book is on my shelves and waiting to be read.

But the book doesn’t get overwhelmed by Nixon’s dark side. Thomas gives you a sense of the man’s positive qualities; he could be tender and even sentimental towards his family, and he believed that government really could help people improve their lives. The book spends ample time on the positive things Nixon accomplished, like détente with China and the Soviet Union, and a domestic agenda that included creating the Environmental Protection Agency and proposing major health-care reforms.

As Thomas concludes in the book’s final passage: “Nixon was no saint. But the fears and insecurities that led him into sinfulness also gave him the drive to push past self-doubt, to pretend to be cheerful, to dare to be brave, to see, often though sadly not always, the light in the dark.”

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