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Looking For Paula Budzban Who Once Lived In Elmwood Park, Illinois

January 3, 2016

I (Gregory Humphrey) am searching for Paula Budzban, an old friend, who once worked at WDOR Radio in Sturgeon Bay in the mid-1980’s, had lived in Elmwood Park, Illinois, and at one time was employed with the Pinkerton Agency, the same one that was founded by Allen Pinkerton in 1850.  She was dating and living with a man named Al at the time who was also a very kind person, but his last name is not in my records.

During this holiday season I came across an old Christmas card from Paula Budzban from 1991, the last time we had made a connection.  I have decided to make a request for information about her on my blog.  After all over time I have made connections through this blog with others such as relatives of Madison’s B.B. Clarke who live in France, relatives of country music stars such as Porter Wagoner, along with one of the most recognized voices from WSM radio.   I never underestimate the power of a blog post that is placed on the internet highway.

Paula Budzban was a sweet and soft-spoken women who loved news and politics.  She and I at times would meet for breakfast shortly after midnight once the radio station signed off for the night.  To this day the number of eggs and bacon along with cups of tea we shared with wide-ranging conversations at Country Kitchen in Sturgeon Bay remain a fond memory.   She had me figured out from Day One and loved my sense of humor and honesty that I shared with her.  That she was so special herself which allowed me to be authentic says far more about her character than mine.

Time has a way of slipping away and people lose contact.  But she has never been far from my thinking.  I kept her last card and note to me all these years in a special folder in my desk.  While going through it this past week I decided to turn to the internet for help in finding Paula Budzban.

I have searched Google and Facebook.  If anyone knows of her I would so appreciate a heads-up and a way to connect with her.

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