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Blowback For Tammy Bruce And FAUX News

January 4, 2016

Not everyone who watches FAUX News or listens to their inane back-and-forth swallow it hook, line, and sinker.   There are those who watch and then put their thoughts into a message.  One of my blog readers did that today and sent me a copy of what was sent to the ‘news’ network.  I gladly post it below.

Your guest talking today with Alan Combs about the domestic terrorists in Oregon today referred to the double standards of liberals and “how come it was okay for protesters to occupy the Wis. capitol and do a million dollars in damage.”

Please advise Ms. Bruce that although Fox “News” reported a $7.5 million damage figure for weeks, and Gov. Scott Wanker’s administration lied in court and gave that figure, removing the “tape residue” from signs from the marble  actually cost about $10,000 and union maintenance workers actually volunteered to do it for free.

The reason protesters occupied the capitol was because the Fitzgerald brothers, Repugnants Assy. Speaker and Senate Majority Leader were calling up bills illegally without the statutorily required legal notices and wanted to pass them in the middle of the night and behind locked doors.

But every time someone such as Ms. Bruce appears on Fox and tells a lie, it’s taken as gospel and repeated (I guess a takeoff of it’s a Wonderful Life, a devil gets his horns).  And Fox doesn’t believe in corrections.  By the way, we are enjoying the palm trees around the Capitol square that Faux News showed clips of dozens of times with violent protesters, purporting to be footage of Madison in February. They do tend to wilt a little in Winter though.

Madison, WI

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