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This Is Why A Republican May Be Sweating Near You

January 4, 2016

From the reap what you sow file.

It’s been 168 days since Trump took a big lead in national polling.  The reason he made a splash at the start is due to the lack of spine that the GOP employed to shut him down during the racist ‘birther’ controversy which he stoked years ago.  Trump has only widened his margin by 10 points since taking the national polling lead in the GOP nomination fight.

To the crunch of numbers as the weeks hurl onwards it is 28 days to Iowa, 36 days to New Hampshire, 47 days to South Carolina, 50days to Nevada and 57 days to the SEC primary at the start of March.  Republicans know they are in a pile of hurt if Trump is not stopped.  But they also have to be mindful that no one has really stepped up to face Trump at any point and so no can not be surprised to see what may be in the offing as we head to the voters doing their work in the primaries.

While I still hold to the notion that the middle always prevails in politics–and Bush, McCain, and Romney are proof of that in the Republican Party–it does not require my saying it to show that this cycle has turned many long-held assumptions up-side down.

The theory goes that voters will drink strong coffee the morning of the voting for a nominee and come to their senses.  But for over six months we have talked about voters suddenly getting serious.  At some point we will either see that happen, or watch the GOP simply implode.

That is why the GOP is sweating.

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  1. January 4, 2016 5:12 PM

    The GOP should sweat, people are tired of politics the way it is now run, they are ready for a change. While others are appalled by Trumps bluntness, many many others like the fact they have someone who does not tiptoe around in fear of the PC police. It is going to be interesting how this all plays out but the establishment has been put on notice its time to start acting like Americans again. As for me I don’t think I could vote for Trump, I don’t think he is the right person for the job, not because of his bluntness but because I think his lack of understanding how his life will be so controlled. I don’t think he will handle that well. Being president is not playing a role on a TV show. America deserves better sadly today’s political climate offers little help and even less hope, from both sides of the aisle.

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