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Time To Remove Terrorists From Federal Building In Oregon

January 5, 2016

Apart from whatever the so-called ‘issues’ are concerning grazing, leases, and taxes that the band of malcontents wish the rest of us to be concerned about there are two bottom lines that must be dealt with when it comes to this element in Oregon who have taken over a federal building. 

First there is just no way that anyone with a whim can just take over a federal building. It would be just as crazy if the local young and black group thought they could take over a building they wished over some slight they felt or political claim they felt allowed them to do so.  We live in a nation of laws there is a prescribed route where grievances are brought to the attention of the responsible parties through a legal route.  Anything other than that–such as the takeover of this federal building–is just lawlessness.

Some will argue that these wack-jobs in Oregon are simply citizens who are trying to make a point.  No, in fact they are not like you or me.  They are not your law-abiding citizen who works through the process that is designed to make sure a legal path is found to resolve disputes.

Rather these angry white men took weapons and commandeered a federal building.   That is indeed an act of terrorism.  One of them was even seen to remark in a video made for his family that he is ready to die for the cause.   We all know that if a person had made such a statement and carried a prayer rug what the outcome would already be at this time.    There can be no other way to view this group that is so blatantly breaking the law and spitting in the face of law enforcement than to call them for what they are proving themselves to be.


Provoking violence and threatening violence is not a constitutional right, and yet to hear some of the statements from these thugs would seem to make one wonder if they even graduated from their local high school.

The second bottom line is this mess needs to end, and end soon.

The first thing I would do is cut off the water supply to the building.   Second, I would bring in sound trucks and turn the speakers to the building and pump in ear-splitting noises 24/7.  I would also work to illuminate the building as much as possible to deprive darkness.  I would also pour in pepper spray in volumes that would seep into every opening of the building.

No shots would be needed to be fired.   Time would do the work for the law enforcement.

The bottom line is that lawlessness must not be allowed to succeed or be seen as a way to get attention for the latest whim of the day.  The rule of law matters.

Lets move to make that happen.

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  1. January 5, 2016 8:33 PM

    Agree with your post, they have no rights to be there and whatever happens is on them

  2. January 5, 2016 5:06 PM

    Just recalling history is all.

  3. tom permalink
    January 5, 2016 5:02 PM

    counter-terrorism expert now? Impressive. As a matter of law, these men need to be removed–and perhaps it is fair to call them terrorists.

    As far as “working through the process” goes, where intellectual honesty is again at stake. You are only upset because these are “angry white men,” to use your racist language. If they were Muslims you would be filled with excuses and chiding anyone who pointed out their religion or race. You are pretty transparent.

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