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Political Resumes Should Matter

January 7, 2016

In our nation’s previous elections a political resume was seen as a badge of honor. Having a role in government and some institutional memory was valued–and for obvious reasons. Now such a resume means–according to the three-thumb crowd–that one belongs to some corrupt political system. We all must hope and trust that the mature voters in this nation rally in the weeks to come and place the best interests of our country ahead of their perceived anger and resentments.  After all the Affordable Care Act allows for time with a therapist to deal with the slights that seemingly have left them unable to compete with others in the workforce or adjust to the changing times in our society.

So lets place our minds to the task of evaluating the men and women who are running for office and ponder policy and the best way forward on the many issues we confront.   I know that means selecting learned people with a firm foundation in governing to be our nominees.    For the other candidates that do not measure up they can take local college courses and try to be better local citizens for the causes they feel strongly about.   No one should think that without a track record of governing in state or federal office the Oval Office is a good first step to elected politics.


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