Charles Koch “You’d Think We Could Have More Influence”

I do not pay sites (such as the Financial Times) so to read their material.  That is just one of those rules I have as a blogger.  So all I have to post on this story is the following snippet.  But it was too good not to share as it underscores everything we know to be true about the Koch brothers.

CHARLES KOCH interview, “Lunch with the FT,” by Stephen Foley: Koch “says he is ‘disappointed’ by the current crop of Republican presidential candidates, and resigned to having to support one with whom he agrees on only some issues. … The Kochs’ political machine has presented all the candidates with a list of issues it wants on the agenda but, says Koch, ‘it doesn’t seem to faze them much. You’d think we could have more influence.”

Cue the barf scene.

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