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Willie Nelson’s Message To Rand Paul

January 9, 2016

Can you guess which Republican  is not making the main debate stage?

Sen. Rand Paul “thinks it’s time to do away with the undercard Republican presidential debate,” Politico reports.

Said Paul: “I’m not sure where the purpose is anymore, if there ever was one. I think if you have a national campaign, you’ve raised a significant amount of money, you’re on the ballot, you’ve employed staff and you’re actively campaigning, you’ve got to be in the debate.”

If one looks at the schedule of Rand Paul it is hard to say he is running a national campaign.  If you try to find  his level of support in the polls you need a shovel to dig down far enough to hit his numbers.  The lack of Paul’s understanding about what drives the base of the GOP–the ones who select the nominee–is astounding.  There was never a time–even without Donald Trump sucking all the air out of the election coverage–that Paul was ever going to be a warm thought to the majority of the Republican base.  While there is a libertarian streak in the GOP it is not enough in strength to crack an egg shell let alone allow a guy like Paul to get the nomination.

So instead of whining about the purpose of the undercard debate Rand Paul might use his time to explore the reason he even has a campaign anymore.   It might be useful for Paul to consider the words from a Willie Nelson song.

“Turn out the lights, the party’s over.”

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