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Steven Avery Most Over-Rated Story As 2016 Begins

January 13, 2016

Last night as I read John Grisham’s Gray Mountain my mind wandered for some reason to Steven Avery.  The storyline in this Grisham novel is well plotted and the narrative is bouncy and fast-paced.  But as I put the book down and pondered the Avery matter that has captivated so many one thought came to mind.

Even Grisham could not construct a plausible scenario where this killer and seriously depraved person could be exonerated.   And even if Grisham tried the legal leaps that would be required to do so and also ask the reader to find it believable would up-end his career.

That is how totally absurd the current rush of new stories about Steven Avery has become due to filmmakers’ attempts to turn his legal drama into some great injustice demanding to be corrected.  I am mindful that Oliver Stone has made some great films but I am not encouraging students of history to watch JFK for guidance on how to better grasp what happened in Dallas in 1963.   We need to have the same level of level-headedness when it comes to this Avery film.

For the record I have not watched the series on Avery as I have a life and also books on shelves that call out to be read.   I am not being mean-spirited concerning those who have taken the time to watch the series but know the power a filmmaker has with a subject like Avery and an audience who wants to be convinced that some great wrong has been committed.     I think the record of legal proceedings as we read and watched unfold at the time of the trial is more than enough to know about this killer.

But Avery will continue to make news–and those who want to create a narrative of some great injustice will continue to speak out until they find some other topic that diverts them away from this mess of a man.

The latest story to showcase why this is a joke and a waste of time–comes in the pages of a new legal filing from Avery that seeks his release.  The motion was filed yesterday and filled with misspellings, grammatical errors, and meandering language.

Steven Avery said authorities used an improper search warrant and that any evidence found as a result “is clearly ‘FRUIT OF THE POISONIOUS TREE.'”  It continues with saying the judge “inartfully circomnavigated around irrefutable, uncontrovertable evidence in Avery’s favour.”

No lawyers name was added to the appeal.  That is not hard to understand.  After all, who would strap themselves to this legal mess unless they were seeking to make a name for themselves?

The year is just getting started but it seems we might be hard-pressed to find another story in 2016 that could rise to the level where everyone is talking about something that is simply a ginned up fantasy to the degree this one concerning Avery has become.

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