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Are Some Republicans Settling For Donald Trump As Nominee?

January 14, 2016

Over the last few weeks the image of a large cruise ship making a tight turn in the fjords of Alaska has come to mind when thinking about some Republican comments about Donald trump.

Since the start of the year there have been small statements here and there which boggles the mind.  Otherwise sensible and sound people have made statements that are most troubling.  Unable to stop Donald Trump–at least up to this point–there are now hints from these people that perhaps Donald Trump can be worked with or even accepted as the Republican nominee.

I think most rank-and-file establishment Republicans who really want to win the White House in 2016 and care about the long-term interests of the party feel much differently.  But there are strange statements being made from some GOPers that really is either pure stress coming to the forefront or a slight turning of the political ship as we head to the convention.

Longtime Republican strategist Scott Reed tells the New York Times he has an increasing appreciation for Donald Trump’s political ability. He says Trump “is the most on-message candidate of this cycle, by a factor of 10” and says his skills at political jujitsu “are remarkable.”

Reed “considers Mr. Trump’s resilience in recent weeks a positive sign. Under increasing pressure from Mr. Cruz, Mr. Trump seized the headlines again by simultaneously questioning the Canada-born senator’s eligibility for the presidency and hitting Hillary Clinton over her husband’s personal scandals.”

“For the first time, he now believes Mr. Trump can win the Republican nomination.”

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