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Kiddie-Table Republican Debate A Joke

January 14, 2016

Fox Business Channel moderator Trish Regan correctly noted during the kiddie-table debate of Republican presidential candidates that the majority of Americans are in favor of universal background checks.  What do you think happened at that point?

There were loud boos from the audience.  A severe disconnect exists between the conservatives of this nation and the rest of us. 

When asked about guns Carly Fiorina said we should “enforce the laws we have” but then did not add that cuts to federal funding has created a shortage of people who can fight those who abuse gun laws.

Add to the crazy talk Rick Santorum trying to be the national sage for all things moral and there was no way to take anything from that stage seriously.  His slight of single-parenthood was a disservice to a lot of families who prove that a hard working single parent can make a world of difference.  There is a self-righteous quality to his answers that leaves the rest of us wondering why he thinks his moral code in America would be a good thing.  Even the GOP shun him according to the latest Wall Street Journal polling that shows 63% of GOP primary voters can’t see themselves backing Santorum.

From an audience that seemed unable to think logically or accept polling data about the mood of the nation to candidates who can not step beyond their talking points made one thing clear.

The three kids at the first debate are not going to be anywhere near the main debate stage anytime soon.  That is about the only positive thing one can say about the debate.

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