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Insightful Republicans Know Donald Trump And Ted Cruz Will Lead To Massive Defeat

January 15, 2016

I may not have been surprised at the lack of any real fight that the establishment Republican candidates took to Donald Trump during last night’s debate but that does not mean there is a not a real queasy feeling growing within the GOP.

Should Ted Cruz be the nominee a repeat of Barry Goldwater’s crashing electoral performance would be repeated.   Should Donald Trump bluster his way to the nomination there would be a hailstorm of wrath that would befall the Republicans.

Many are wondering who or what will it take for someone to stand up to the playground bully?

A “smart Republican” gives his take to Mike Allen on last night’s debate:

“To me the morning story is that if GOP was worried about Trump or Cruz on Monday, today they’re terrified. These two dominated the debate… Cruz and Trump separated even further from pack… Rubio/Christie 3rd place draw, Jeb/Carson/Kasich might as well stay home. … It’s Cruz and Trump, rest fighting to stay alive. Sad – but true… Trump has had his best debate performance to date. It pains me, but its true… Marco was fine. Always looked polished. But Trump and Cruz controlled conversation… Marco had to interject to be involved.”

“The party is starting to look like the banks on Wall Street did in April 2008: ‘What did we do?’… There’s no fixing this — buckle up.”

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