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The Truth About Ted Cruz

January 17, 2016

What is posted here is not new information for anyone who follows politics.   Those who know Ted Cruz the most dislike him the most.

Cruz is a self-promoter of the first degree, and always first in line as the most insincere person to apply for a political position.  He would not grow the party as a nominee–but instead be the cause for an implosion come November.  In other words there is no way thoughtful Republicans venture near his candidacy.

With that comes the words from a great wordsmith, Peggy Noonan.

It matters what people think of you. It’s important that people have a high opinion of your essential integrity, trustworthiness and good faith. It matters that they like you. Mr. Cruz, when challenged by Mr. Trump, could have used some backup from prominent Republicans, but they didn’t throw him a lifeline.”

“You know why Mr. Cruz had no backup? Because almost no one who works with him likes him. They haven’t experienced him as a trustworthy person of good faith. They waited, as people do, for a chance to hurt him, and when they got it they did.”

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