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Get Ready To Hoot Over Latest Sarah Palin News

January 19, 2016

Donald Trump says in a Facebook post that he’ll have a “special guest” at an Iowa event tomorrow. Early speculation is that Sarah Palin will endorse Trump at the rally.   Think of it–all the rocket scientists on the same stage.

Would it not be wise to divide up the brain trust and not allow them to both stand on the same stage so– God forbid–anything should happen they both would not be lost.   Then how would the Republican Party ever find their way forward to electoral success in 2016?   This same type of thinking was employed by keeping Dick Cheney in a bunker following 9/11 and is repeated during every State of the Union address to make sure the government will still function in case of some unforeseen event.

With this desperate political move by Trump to rub up against Palin we have more reason than ever to think a Trump rally supporter may not be an actual caucus voter.    To willing place yourself alongside the shallow and empty-headed Palin means that you need to scrape down where the dog crap resides on the underside of shoes for votes.  Something is very shaky with some internal numbers for Trump if he feels a need to slump so low as to hang out with the Wasilla Hillbilly.

I hope Palin has time to read her Scholastic Weekly Reader so to be prepared to talk on the issues.  She might gulp a few big soft drinks so she can preform her cat-call walk and wink at the old needy men in the audience in her bid to lure them to a caucus.  She might ask the geezers who drool at her, “Is that a side-winder missile in your pants fella, or are you just happy to be this close to the Republican version of the Titanic?”

The winners to his move are, of course, the late night talk show hosts who can basically just read the headlines and let the howls of laughter come from the audience.  Is it any wonder why the GOP is laughed at and scorned by the general election type voter?


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  1. tom permalink
    January 20, 2016 6:04 PM

    Kasich/O’Mally ticket for sanity. LOL!

  2. January 19, 2016 9:58 PM

    Thanks for your comment–and though I wrote too fast in my previous comment I was not trying to be snarky–as I wanted to hear what you felt.

    You are correct about Sanders and his fans not knowing the limits on what can be done in Washington. I can see how Jeb can still get it but I have no way when walking through the states see how Sanders can stop Clinton unless one puts this huge mental wall of doubt that crashes down on Hillary should she lose the first two states and then does not meet expectations in SC—but then at that point the party pulls out Gore or Biden to pick up the pieces. (Though as you know I like O’Malley) (and love Biden).

    But as you say the thing that I can get no Sanders backer to speak to honestly is how any one of his ideas would ever pass in congress if he were elected? I just am not sure how the base (the younger voters) have somehow missed this.

  3. tom permalink
    January 19, 2016 9:35 PM

    The populism of the tea party is over. Trump is a populist by attitude–not policy or idiology, but his only real agenda is himself. Trump’s appeal is to those who are tired of being told that every criticism of the president is racist (as if we had all forgotten the bush years). They have been told to shut up at every turn, and they are very angry. IT might be fair to say that the populism began with the tea party, but the left told it it was illegitimate and racist and contributed to that anger. The final ingredient is that they expected–wrongly–that merely gaining control of both houses would mean the president suddenly did not have a veto pen. They are dying for someone to be honest with them, but are captured, instead, by volume.

    Bernie Sanders, the most angry man in politics, is also a populist who would rob from the productive class to give candies to the masses. He wants to convince people that they are not at fault for their weaknesses–it’s the rich. If they vote for him, life will be so much easier and they can enjoy the humiliation of those who were above them. What makes the Trump followers similar to the Sanders followers is a fundamental misunderstanding of what can be accomplished in a divided government. If elected, Sanders will, I imagine, quickly find himself in the same position as Obama–and thank God. His supporters don’t want to hear the truth–that the Country’s financial situation is extremely precarious–they just want to be told they shouldn’t be expected to work hard and still sometimes fail.

    Clinton, on the other hand, is like Trump in that she cares only for herself–her flip flops, lies, and criminal behavior are sure indicators of this. The difference between her and Trump is that Trump is greedy for power; Clinton, to create a kleptocracy. She wants to enrich herself, but otherwise is unambitious and offers no exciting–or frightening ideas beyond the typical liberal sop. However, while the kloptomaniac might seem the best choice, her statement that Republicans are her greatest enemy ensures that the next four or eight years will be as politically debased as the last have been.

    As far as I see it, the only sane choices are O’Mally, Rubio, or Cruz. These are the least bad of the choices available at this point. If the FBI charges Hillary–as they would any other American–then perhaps O’Mally can get into the race. Otherwise, we had better pray that Trump supporters are not voters.

  4. January 19, 2016 8:59 PM

    But has not the GOP been consumed with populist rhetoric since the rise of the Tea Party? I pose that question with being snarky. Is not what is happening now in the presidential race only the outgrowth of what started in 2009 within the GOP and at that time encouraged by the establishment?

  5. tom permalink
    January 19, 2016 7:16 PM

    The sad thing here is that neither of these people represent conservative values–or even really those of Republicans. Trump only loves himself, but Americans are too gullible and too vulnerable to populist rhetoric.

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