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Morning Joe Reported Sarah Palin The Walter Cronkite Way

January 20, 2016

Morning Joe so pleasantly surprised me today that I must share this news with my readers.

Yesterday Sarah Palin proved that jackasses are still able to garner press coverage and the national spotlight. Donald Trump felt that something was so askew with his situation in Iowa that he needed to dredge deeper and find some more voters.   The absolutely pathetic performance by Palin made even Trump visibly nervous and shaken while he waited for her to just finish talking. There were times it seemed like her heavily pancaked face would never stop talking incoherently.

But today Morning Joe never went inside this story until 1 hour and 37 minutes into their program. Then it was only covered for about three minutes.  There was a one-line remark that only implied Palin at about 28 minutes into the first hour. But there was a sound and solid decision to not allow Palin’s crazy mockery of what should be a serious political season to be elevated to the level of serious news.

That is exactly what I have argued should be the case with reporters, news shows, and talk shows. I know that Walker Cronkite—if he were alive–would have covered the news of this campaign cycle in his usual professional way. But he would not have allowed the lowest common denominators to dominate and take away from the stories and facts the viewers require to be well-informed citizens.

In no way is any of this style of reporting partisan or able to be defined as censorship. Just like there is no reason to give the flat earth society coverage there is also no need to give a simpleton from Wasilla one single moment of coverage. The role the media plays is also central to the democracy that we treasure. By bringing us the news we need and the issues that need more illumination will enhance their image and also provide a stronger electorate.

Morning Joe is to be applauded by all for the remarkable way they handled the shame of Palin.

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  1. pattilynn9 permalink
    January 20, 2016 6:54 PM

    I watch Morning Joe almost every morning. Good mix of personalities.

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