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Who Has Bernie’s Back?

January 21, 2016

So it is not just my eyes and ears who have noticed the wall of silence from elected officials when it comes to defending Bernie Sanders.

Which then leads to the question if Bernie does not have defenders in a campaign where would he turn (if he were president) when it came to wooing congress to support his plans–plans that just do not pan out when it comes to paying for them.

This campaign was never a road that could lead anywhere but to a great rhetorical pie in the sky for Bernie and his followers.   We all want more fairness in taxation for large business, and a better way to pay for college, and  ways to reform government.  But the only way to achieve anything in government is to have a pragmatic approach on getting to the point we desire.  There just is no game plan that takes Bernie from being a truly rousing and hopeful candidate to the party nominee and then president or effective leader.

And part of the proof of that is the absence of anyone to defend him at this time in his campaign.

First Read: “Bottom line: Sanders doesn’t have any well-known Democratic Party validators to back him up. In 2007-2008, Barack Obama had plenty of Dem validators going up when going up against the Clinton machine — Tom Daschle, Tim Kaine, Deval Patrick, and Claire McCaskill (who’s maybe been the most aggressive against Sanders right now). It’s something to watch over the next 11 days: If 80% of the Democratic Party continues to hit Sanders here, and there isn’t Democratic pushback, can Sanders win that fight?”

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