And Then There Is The Moth


Someone has let me know that what I have got here is a butterfly and not a moth. A moth’s antennae are feathered and not slender with a bulb at the tip like this one has.

For the past week we have had a small moth on a window in our home.   It was first noticed on a window when we came home from buying a lottery ticket for the large Powerball windfall.   We had not bought a ticket in years and once we noticed the light yellow winged moth we knew it was a good omen.    It turned out to be not so much an omen as  just kind of cute to look at.  I got rather attached to the little thing as it just perched on the window and the sill.

But today I felt it needed something to eat. So James and I (for lack of knowing really what moths eat) put some sugar water on a small plate. The small long tongue lapped at the water. Then we took a bloom from a bouquet and placed it in the saucer. The moth at once climbed up on it and looks quite content. This is the type of thing my Dad would have done–trying to make a small difference.

The world is too crazy to try and bring order to it, and the political chaos is so maddening some days that it almost demands to be seen a comedy.  So perhaps the lesson here is that we can reach out and try to do good in our own way within the means possible.  IMGP4630


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