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PREDICTION–Who Will The Des Moines Register Endorse For Iowa Caucus?

January 23, 2016

Waiting for the drumroll……

The Des Moines Register has been endorsing candidates ahead of Iowa’s presidential caucuses since 1988.  Tonight that tradition continues when it announces its latest pick.

Serious minds at editorial boards can not select Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.  Which leads one to speculate of the Republican lane candidates who will have the backing of the paper?

My guess is the pick will be John Kasich or Jeb Bush and in that order of probabilities.     The paper can talk about the mature seasoned nature of their leadership capabilities at a time when governing experience, even if some of the electorate is not aware of it, does matter a great deal.

The Democratic endorsement will be harder to predict for me given the energy that Bernie Sanders has generated and how that is always a good thing for democracy.   But then the editorial board also has to deal with pragmatic governing and who can best achieve that if elected to the White House.  If the board allows common sense to dictate their endorsement they will place the name of Hillary Clinton on their front page come Sunday morning.

In a few hours we will know.

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