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$1 Billion Dollar Question For Donald Trump

January 24, 2016

With the news stories about the considerations Michael Bloomberg is taking regarding a presidential run comes a question that I admit there is no answer to at this time.  But still it is a question that deserves to be asked.

Bloomberg says he would use $1 billion of his own money to run the race.  I have no doubt that he would should he actually make the commitment.

But the question I have is would Donald Trump be able to do the same?

It would seem to me–from what I have read–that while Trump has untold amount of assets he very well may not the have the liquid asserts needed to combat someone like Bloomberg, should such a competitive race emerge.  And we all know that Trump does not want to take any cash or be beholden to anyone–gag, gag, gag.

Bloomberg has let it be known should Trump seem able to actually capture the Republican nomination, or Bernie Sanders rise to the point of undoing Hillary Clinton he would likely enter the fray.

From this blogger’s perspective Clinton wins the Iowa caucuses while Bernie hits a solid wall in South Carolina and onwards as African-Americans and Hispanics strongly support Clinton.   Meanwhile there will be a concerted effort in the weeks to come to downsize the GOP candidates so a viable establishment contender can go on-one-on with Trump.

In the end Bloomberg will not run and Trump will not be the GOP nominee.

Still the $1 billion question is fun to ponder.

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