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Tell Donald Trump Supporters What They Need To Know

January 24, 2016

One of the great reads today. I have only met one person who was a supporter of Donald Trump.  The person was from Arizona and visiting this area for the holidays.  I was polite and listened to the discourse, hoping to better understand something other than that resentments are the undercurrent for Trump’s appeal.   But what I discovered was that there is wide array of information about Trump that seems not to have been made known to these wayward citizens.

Which is why the column below resonated so much.

Tell them about all the money he inherited from his daddy. Tell them about the bailouts that saved him from ruin. Tell them about all his cratered companies. Then find people who suffered from those fiascos – workers laid off following his bankruptcies, homeowners who bought through Trump Mortgage, people who ponied up for sham degrees from Trump University. Find the people hurt by Trump’s attempts to exploit eminent domain: The widow whose boarding house he wanted to demolish to make room for a limo parking lot …Put his alleged dealings with the Mafia on the table. … Trump is a salesman … And how do you flip a salesman’s brand? You persuade people that he’s a con artist, and they’re his marks.

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  1. pattilynn9 permalink
    January 24, 2016 12:55 PM

    See, I don’t think most Trump supporters are as interested in specifically what Trump says he stands for or what he’ll do….as much as they are sick to death of their current Repub representatives in Wash. They’re angry at them and I think they’re looking to stick it in their eye. That’s why any argument against Trump seems to not stick, they don’t care so much about him, it’s who’s nose he can rub in it.

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