Lets Say Goodbye To Some GOP Presidential Candidates

As much as I love politics there was no way I could watch the kiddies debate last evening.  There was no way I could justify my time being spent watching Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Carly Fiorina and Jim Gilmore stand behind podiums pretending they had a chance at being more than a laugh line.

We all know that was the last debate before the Iowa caucuses but more importantly for everyone who cares about the party nomination it is also the last time those four jokers will appear on any presidential debate stage.    Within 10 days or less all of them will be gone from the presidential trail as they pull the plug on their campaigns.

Well, not every campaign.

Since Santorum is opposed to pulling life support we will just see him carry a jar with his campaign inside–akin to the fetus he lugged home from the hospital to show his kids after his wife had a miscarriage.

Huckabee entered this race for the dollars it would allow him to earn with future business deals while Fiorina wanted to see how many times she could undermine her own gender in one campaign.

And there is no earthly reason why Gilmore entered the race.

But thankfully they are all soon to be asterisks.

2 thoughts on “Lets Say Goodbye To Some GOP Presidential Candidates

  1. mark

    This is what makes the Untied States of America have the best Government anyone can buy. In today’.
    s universe, after citizens united, free speech = money

  2. We so agree, Mark.

    The idea that entering a national race is the path towards money, books. a show on FAUX News, etc is simply galling. Hucksterism is never pretty, but when it comes to our politics it is downright nauseating.

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