Butterfly–Not Moth–Update

It is a butterfly and not a moth.

I thought perhaps a fast update regarding the guest in our home is in order.  Readers might recall the day of the billion dollar lottery drawing this little guy showed up on a window in our home.  There was no way I could place it outside in the cold so it has become a part of our life here.

New flowers were bought this weekend with pollen makers aplenty.

I have been using a plastic orange peeler by dipping the end tip into a very heavily sugared water solution and then pressing it close to the butterfly’s face. The proboscis extends and soaks up the thin residue.  I think it is doing fairly well, considering that this is January in Wisconsin.  Today it fluttered out of the dish and up to the window when the sun was bright.   At dark and as cold settles in it is back to the flower.

I am told that if we had a real pet there would be a very spoiled animal here.  I think there is some merit to that thinking.

IMGP4633 (2)

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