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Morning Newspapers Give Donald Trump All The Respect He Deserves

February 2, 2016

Monday night was one of those amazing times when there was nothing but political events to watch unfold.   From the Democratic battle between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton or the Republican brawl for votes there was no way not to have computers and televisions on while getting as many parts of the continuing story coming in as possible.  And this was just the first state to create election year frenzy!

This morning I was very taken by two of the newspapers that are published in New York City as they give Donald Trump all the respect he deserves.  I am delighted the voters of Iowa proved that retail politics is indeed the way things need to be done, and also as we mine into the data today it will also most likely be shown that the anti-women language and low-brow and mean-spirited nature of the man is not a sale-maker.  Therefore let us not only rejoice in the actions of the voters in Iowa regarding Trump but also smirk heartily over the headlines in these papers.


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