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Marco Rubio Will Need Drip Cloth Around Podium For Sweat

February 6, 2016

Every four years the days between the Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampshire Primary are filled with high political drama.   But this year is so different due to a tight and tense battle among Democrats and a bombastic and snarly campaign among Republicans.    What we have witnessed in the past seems pale to what is now grabbing our attention.  It seems almost hourly that the headlines need to be caught so to keep up with the candidates and the race to Tuesday.  Needless to say we have had fun this week.

In just a few hours the next and pivotal event will occur when the Republican candidates–minus Carly Fiorina–meet for a debate will create some sweat on Marco Rubio’s face.   On a good night he looks like the reincarnation of a sweaty Richard Nixon.  With the political situation now playing with Rubio as the target it is my suggestion he just have a large drip cloth placed on the floor around his podium.

“There is no question that the target on our back has increased,’ says Rubio adviser,” by Shane Goldmacher in Manchester: “Trump may be back on the debate stage but Rubio’s the candidate everyone’s looking to take down”

What needs to be recalled is that Rubio is playing for the establishment lane but has always been a Tea Party favorite.  That he is now causing such distress for Donald Trump and Ted Cruz only makes this all the more interesting to watch unfold.

Tonight the debate will surely include some heat from droopy Ben Carson as he tries to dress down Cruz for election behavior in Iowa.   John Kasich will strive to show his credentials for the nomination knowing full well that he needs to show very well in the primary or go home.  Jeb Bush needs to assert himself in a way that has not been shown before as his real show of strength comes in South Carolina and he needs to play the long game tonight.

The big man on stage, Chris Christie, knows tonight is his farewell to Election 2016.  The massive amount of time he spent in the state is not resonating and he has no where to go after Tuesday.    Lots of spit and sputter but Christie’s time to be recalled on Hunger For Power Games with Steve Colbert is fast approaching.

Meanwhile Carly will be at some diner in New Hampshire greeting those who have no care about watching the debate, and Scott Walker will down a few beers in Madison trying to forget he was ever foolish enough to waste so much money—that still needs to be repaid.

As for this household I think hot chocolate will be the drink of choice as the candidates mount the stage and start their comedy routine.

As I said these days are some of the best every four years.    This political cycle has not let us down!

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