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Our Letter Sent To Hillary Clinton In 2001

February 6, 2016

It probably comes as no surprise that letters are sent and phone calls are made from this home to elected officials about all sorts of concerns and issues.   Contacting our leaders has been going on for a very long time.

I firmly believe that in 2000 the presidency was stolen by the Republican candidate for office, George Bush.  Following his inauguration in 2001 the following letter was sent to Hillary Clinton.   She had just been elected to the U.S. Senate and we were most enthusiastic about that achievement.   We spoke from the heart with this letter.

Sharing this letter now is meant to underscore the fact we believe in Hillary Clinton.  We know she is a progressive who is also pragmatic and can get things done for this nation.  There are no perfect leaders, but there are reasoned and skilled ones.  Hillary is such an example.


January 27, 2001


Dear Senator Clinton,


Congratulations on your recent victory in the New York Senate race! You have experiences with the important issues with which our nation is now confronted; you will be a much-needed asset to the very divided United States Senate. We are proud of you.

Please know that as you work with your colleagues to insure passage of progressive initiatives, millions of Americans, like us, support you and believe in your ability and desire to bring positive change to this country.

As a gay couple living in Wisconsin, we often feel that the right wing of the Republican Party has too large a hold on the policies originating from Washington. If legislation which would protect gay and lesbian couples and their basic human rights, that all Americans are supposed to be guaranteed, has not yet been introduced in the Senate, we ask that you lend your reasoned voice to these initiatives by both sponsoring such bills and speaking out forcefully and publicly in support of such measures. We feel strongly, because you enjoy a certain level of national credibility and public recognition already, that we can all benefit; you are no ordinary freshman senator and we encourage you to be aggressive in your endeavors.

Our concerns extend beyond our own self-interest. It is also our hope that you will be a voice of reason, a determined voice, in the United States Senate as you continue to push for a comprehensive health care package. All Americans deserve the right and dignity that comes from knowing they have access to medical attention when the need arises, and before. It is a national shame that our country, for economic and political reasons that we feel have no merit, does not consider basic health and well being to be an integral part of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

In addition, we encourage your vigorous opposition to any legislation that would not protect the environment, such as oil drilling in the Alaskan wilderness. We believe that you should also strive to continue the Clinton administration’s commitment to a fiscal policy that pays down the national debt, and champions a tax policy that benefits the lower and middle-classes.

We do not believe that elected officials should vote in the much talked about “bi-partisan spirit”. That simply means that the Republicans, who lost the national popular vote by over one-half million cast ballots, would still get to implement their policies despite the electorate’s rejection of those ideas in November. We owe this new President nothing and it would be a pity to see all that the Democrats have achieved under your husband’s auspices be reversed by an administration not duly elected by the American people.

In that light, please find enclosed a memento of our recent anti-inaugural party. We, along with countless others, firmly believe that the wrong person was administered the Presidential (and Vice-Presidential!) Oath of Office on January 20th.   We truly love our country and wish the new administration the best; however, we are not convinced of the ability of the new President to lead the nation anywhere but astray.

For all of these reasons and more, we are brought back to you and the role that you can play in our country’s future. As supporters of you and your policy goals, please alert us to ways in which we can assist you, even though we are not from New York State. We look forward to seeing your name on the ballot in four years as you successfully campaign to become our nation’s first female President. We are here in Wisconsin to help you.

God speed,

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