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Shake-Up In Hillary Clinton Campaign To Start Now

February 8, 2016

It is time that Hillary Clinton take hold of her campaign and right the ship.  No one is pleased at how her numbers are sliding in polls or that she is in a tight race with Bernie Sanders, a candidate that no elected member in the party thinks can win the White House.

The Clinton campaign needs a new approach to messaging.  So it comes as well-received news that there are now staffing and strategy changes to be expected following the loss that is surely coming her way Tuesday in New Hampshire.

There had been reports a review of the campaign had been planned after the first four primaries, but it is clear that timetable needs to be altered.

President Lincoln fired generals and revamped war strategy over and over.   Such moves are not signs of weakness but assurance to others that when one thing is not working it requires stepping up to make the fixes that does allow for victory.

I applaud Clinton for making the tough calls.

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  1. Solly permalink
    February 8, 2016 3:10 PM

    Sorry Deke, will look for the correction of your printing unverified Hillary’s talking points. Reps. Raul Grijalva of Arizona and Keith Ellison of Minnesota, Co-Chairs of the House Progressive Caucus, have endorsed Sanders. As has former State Senator and 2014 Ohio Democratic Candidate for Secretary of State, Nina Turner, an African American. Guess, according to Madeline Albright, they will burn in hell with the young women, who as Gloria Steinem observed, chose Bernie over Hillary because “the boys” are for Bernie and they want a boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. Tee-hee, giggle giggle. Perhaps the Hillary backers should look up the definition of “scorched earth.” They’re doing everything they can to diss idealistic, progressive and enthusiastic people and then wonder why there is no positive enthusiasm for her. And while Bubba Billy, who signed the repeal of Glass Steagall is criticizing Bernie for bringing up legalized corruption by Wall Street , I hope someone is locking up the female HRC campaign interns.

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