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Dana Milbank Nails It Regarding Jeb Bush

February 11, 2016

This sums up exactly how I view the candidacy of Job Bush.  I do differ, however, with Milbank in saying it may be too late to stop Donald Trump.  I absolutely disagree.

Bush’s message of competence and experience, like Clinton’s, goes against the prevailing anger. But Bush has gained something as important: He seems comfortable in his own skin. He no longer hides from his name — he’s asked his brother to campaign for him — and he acknowledges that “I’m part of the establishment.”

And his emerging status as the anti-Trump seems to give him purpose — even when on Fox News, the outlet that in many ways created Trump as a political force. Bush spoke Wednesday morning of Trump “preying on people’s fears” and “basically saying that life’s bad” and “tearing people down.” Said Bush: “We’re never going to win the presidency with that kind of approach. And I will continue to take him on.” 

It may be too late to stop Trump. But it’s reassuring that Bush is gaining traction by trying. He said Wednesday on CBS that Trump “would be a disaster for the Republican Party and would mean, I think, landslide defeats.”

And on CNN, he reminded listeners that two-thirds of Republicans still don’t support Trump. “Trump’s the master at capturing people’s angst,” Bush said. “. . . He just says, ‘I’ll fix it, I’ll solve it, it’ll be fine, it’ll be huge’ or whatever, but there’s nothing tangible that would suggest he has the skills to do it.”

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  1. pattilynn9 permalink
    February 11, 2016 8:57 PM

    yawn – jeb bush

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