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Allen Drury (Again) Makes Sunday Morning News Show

February 14, 2016

Long time readers know of my love concerning the adventures created by Allen Drury.  I have the highest appreciation for his timeless work.


There is a charm to the old series of six books written by Allen Drury that starts with “Advise and Consent” and winds it way to “The Promise of Joy.  The series takes place in Washington and is filled with a continuing and evolving cast of politicians, reporters, and members of the media.  The first of the series was written in 1959 and won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. I have long thought these old reads to be a grand story and as a result the entire set is arrayed on top of a bookshelf  in our home.  So when the name of Allen Drury comes up it makes me smile as it did today on Face The Nation

DICKERSON: Let’s switch quickly then to Justice Scalia, Peggy. What’s your sense? I mean there’s a fight now over this. How do you think it plays out?

NOONAN: Oh, yes, for — the first thing is, this is an epical moment, you know, in a divided country more or less, with a divided court more or less, with a president leaving in ten months, with a major presidential election coming up, what a moment to have the U.S. Senate consider and a president consider nominating a replacement for a man who was really a giant in a way. So much meaning to conservatives in America who took such comfort in his presence on the court.

So, to me, I think my headline is, wow, this election year is turning — this is like written by Allen Drury. This is advice or consent 2016.

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