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Donald Trump To Tumble Due To Death Of Antonin Scalia?

February 15, 2016

If a butterfly flaps its wings in Africa will it cause an effect in America?  With that type of thinking please consider the following.

Will the death of Justice Scalia force GOP voters to get serious about a presidential nominee?

One of the few areas of agreement at Saturday’s GOP debate, just hours after Scalia’s death was announced, was that his passing had finally focused the public on the reality that this time, the balance of the court really is on the line.

Trump has since clarified that he was just joshing when he floated his sister’s name, but conservatives really aren’t kidding when they joke darkly that he might try to name fellow reality TV star Judge Judy; after all, as the highest paid performer on television, wouldn’t the biggest paycheck make her the most phenomenal jurist in Trumpthink?

Social conservatives dare to hope Scalia’s death will sober up those Republicans willing to ignore Trump’s lack of discernible core principles.

But having initially underestimated his appeal, political commentators have now swung to the opposite extreme, and have become too skittish to posit that yes, blaming George W. Bush for 9/11 will lose him some support.

As may the unsettling spectacle of him screaming through much of a presidential debate in which he turned up looking oddly like an orange Brach’s Easter egg whose marshmallow insides were suggested every time his white hands came near his over-bronzed face. (And if you think such superficial concerns don’t matter, I refer you to Al Gore’s own orange debate, in which he could have been sighing deeply at the damage done by his makeup artist.)

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