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GOP Façade Starts To Crack Over Court Nominee Fight

February 16, 2016

President Obama made it clear today that he will full fill his constitutional duty by placing a nominee for the Supreme Court before the U.S. Senate.  After all,  while President Obama is black does not mean he only gets to serve 3/5ths of his final term in office.  There is work to be done and this president will do it, and the public will demand that congress fulfill their role, too.

The Constitution is pretty clear,” he told reporters, that a qualified nominee should be considered by the Senate. He said his nominee would be “indisputably qualified,” and he added that Americans have become almost accustomed to obstruction from Republican lawmakers.    OUCH!

The fury and bluster created by the Republicans since the death of Justice Scalia has been simply absurd.  But today there was a crack in the façade of craziness when the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee did not rule out holding hearings for a nominee.

In an interview with Iowa radio reporters Tuesday, Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said he would make a decision on hearings after Obama announces his nominee.

Also House Speaker Paul Ryan said in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that Obama has “every right” to put forward a nominee, but said Congress “has every right not to confirm someone.”

The American voter also has a right to weigh in on whether congress is doing their job, or just acting in a child-like manner and being obstructionist for the sake of being partisan.

For now we will take the words of Grassley as the start of that I think will slowly become the norm.   There is no way the GOP can be seen as not allowing the court to fully operate for over 400 days.  That is simply absurd.
“I would wait until the nominee is made before I would make any decisions, in other words, take it a step at the time,” Grassley said. “
Independent voters are waiting and watching, too.
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