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Just Like Hollywood

February 21, 2016

Just like an old movie…..

James and I had Glenn Miller playing on the stereo today when I happened to look out a front window. Across the street our 91-year-old friend dressed in his Sunday best (suit, tie, topcoat, hat) and his wife in her finest (dress, perfectly combed hair, stylish coat, purse) and being led by the arm of a young man, come out of their home.  They descend the front steps, and get into a car. The man and wife get into the back seats, while the young man seated up front alone, drives off as A String Of Pearls rotates on the turntable.  A movie director could have not have staged it better.

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  1. February 21, 2016 2:45 PM

    I love it when the world goes all screenplay. There must be a world for it, similar to a song becoming an ear-worm, that deja vu all over again, and , well, … “synchronicity” might be a kissing cousin. Close, but the circumstance, as you describe it. is so rare that collective culture is just too taxed to coin a term that catches the essence of something so realized, yet appearing so infrequently.

    I didn’t do this justice, so I’ll just leave it with, lucky you.


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