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The Way It Once Was…With Mary McGrory

February 21, 2016

In 1960 after Adlai Stevenson had introduced Jack Kennedy for his acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention the Illinois Senator spotted journalist Mary McGrory in the crush of people.  He offered her a ride in his Cadillac.   As the two were ushered into his limousine JFK joined them in the backseat.    (It should be noted that Stevenson had made a last minute bid for the nomination before the delegates.)  The ride, needless to say, was awkward.

But there was McGrory sandwiched between the Democratic Party’s past and future.

What did they talk about?

Stevenson remarked that Kennedy looked so tan and the Irish pol remarked that it was due to riding in so many convertibles during the campaign.   Stevenson grimaced at hearing that and remarked he would never do that as dust gets in your eyes and you can not see for hours afterwards.

As McGrory surely knew this was one reason JFK was bound for the White House.   Politics was a contact sport and Stevenson never had the heart for it.

…This story was taken from Mary McGrory by John Norris.

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