Republican Senate Confirmation Fight Has Anti-Gay Stench

When it comes to defining dysfunctional in the Webster dictionary perhaps instead of using words it might be best to just post a picture of congress to allow for a meaning to be better understood.

It needs to be noted following a smooth and overall positive hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Eric Fanning’s confirmation to be the next Army secretary still is not guaranteed.  One might think this is impossible given the level of angst in the world and the need for such a position to be filled.

But due to Senator Roberts making a stink over discovering (as if it were a secret) that Fort Leavenworth is being reviewed as a potential site for relocating prisoners if the facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is closed the Fanning nomination is on hold.

There is also the little other item that comes into the mix fro folks like Roberts.

Fanning is an openly gay man.

Now the Republicans can spin and weave and duck all they want about this matter of Fanning’s sexuality and explain it anyway they desire.  But we know how conservatives operate.

Recall that we are also asked to believe that the first African-American president was only targeted by conservatives because he is a liberal.

It is to the credit of the senate that no one asked about Fanning’s sexuality during the confirmation hearing.  But I also add that no senator asked about issues that do matter when it comes to transgender military service, or the all important issue regarding keeping in place the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

What motivates members of congress to take one position or another is often very hard to state in a concise fashion.  But I find it very suspicious that the long simmering question over the future of Gitmo is now so central to Roberts that he would delay the next army secretary from undertaking the job that now needs doing.

Something tells me there is a dose of homophobia that makes more of a play to this story than what the headlines wish us to believe.

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