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We Must Shut Down Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility

February 23, 2016

This is why I so appreciate the two-term presidency of Barack Obama.  Today he repeated his call for the closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.  It was not the first time he made the case or offered ideas on how to achieve it.  To underscore his resolve Obama delivered to Congress a plan to do what is in the best interest of our values, international affairs, and law.

Obama has always grasped the reasons Gitmo is so dreadfully wrong and why there needs to a 180 degree course correction.  The fact that small-minded partisan politics has played a key role as to why this facility remains open should alarm all.

Today’s blueprint comes seven years after Obama made an Oval Office vow to permanently shutter the prison for enemy combatants.  Just days after the election I continued my call to close Gitmo.  That we are now in 2016 and still grappling with this matter underscores the problems congress has made for this nation.

I think it essential that Guantanamo Bay be closed.  This was one of the most dreadful examples of presidential over-reach by George Bush, and ranks among the worst in modern history.  Guantanamo Bay cast a black eye on America that was seen and understood by all around the world……As many have noted this place is a gift that keeps on giving to those who wish to use it as recruiting tool among radical elements in the Middle East.  It has done us no good, and only brought shame.

It has been noted that the Obama team is already looking to move most, if not all, of the prisoners out of Guantanamo Bay.  If the people at the base are not charged with something they should be released.  It they are charged, then let the U.S. court system handle the matter.  There might be a few who are in fact ‘high-level’ detainees, and some conservatives argue they need to be dealt with through the special court designed by the Bush Administration for this propose.  I am highly dubious of this specially crafted court, and the mission it holds.  I want to see more accountability and openness with this military tribunal process.  And I think the world expects the same.

Republicans will once again place partisanship above the best needs of the nation.  We can almost pen the objections from Republicans, after all, we have heard it all before.  What those conservatives fail to understand, however, is that by closing Gitmo we could move past the most troubling era with our wartime behavior which resulted in this nation being painted in a most ugly color.

Guantanamo continues to be a source of world-wide disgust that proves to be a recruitment tool for those who use terrorism as a weapon.  Now it is time , once again, to see if GOP politics as usual can cease long enough to do what is in the best interest of the country.

  1. February 26, 2016 11:49 AM

    Let us look at how conservatives have no grasp of reality when it comes to Gitmo. Instead of abiding by the rule of law, something that they like to promote at campaign time, they flaunt it when it comes time to practice what they preach. Conservatives talk about their love for the military and yet are allowing a symbol to remain in place that is used as a recruiting tool for terrorists around the world. There is no doubt the prolonged detention of people without a trial runs counter to who we are as a nation—we all studied this at one time or another. Finally, you are out of touch with the Catholic Church who has stated firmly that this place should be closed and human dignity and proper legal procedures need to be used to handle the ones who remain.

  2. February 26, 2016 10:58 AM

    Really sad how gullible the left really is

    Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday, Secretary of State John Kerry responded that a Gitmo detainee who has rejoined al Qaeda is “not supposed to be doing that.”

    It would be laugh out loud funny if it weren’t so damn serious…

  3. February 25, 2016 12:22 PM

    Tom, you are just spouting pure baloney now, and you know it. You know full well the history and legal pitfalls with Gitmo.

  4. tom permalink
    February 25, 2016 8:13 AM

    So having them at Gitmo is recruiting tool, but Kansas is not? They are un-uniformed combatants on the battlefield. By international law they should just be shot.

  5. February 24, 2016 10:14 PM

    Detain them in the bounds of international law–put them in prisons on U.S. soil. Stop allowing this to be a recruiting tool.

  6. tom permalink
    February 24, 2016 9:29 PM

    Gitmo has done a lot of good. On the same day as Obama made his most recent promise, one of the released terrorists was arrested for recruiting. We are safer with them behind bars.

  7. Wis. Conservative Digest permalink
    February 24, 2016 6:06 PM

    yes, shut it, try them and then hang them

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