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Donald Trump Throttled By Washington Post Editorial

February 25, 2016

This is the tone that collectively needs to be raised up against Donald Trump.  This snippet below shows what can be found in its entirety here.

Now it is faced with a front-runner who, in the interval between the two Priebus comments cited above, said of a protester, “I’d like to punch him in the face.” This is a front-runner with no credible agenda and no suitable experience. He wants the United States to commit war crimes, including torture and the murder of innocent relatives of suspected terrorists. He admires Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and sees no difference between Mr. Putin’s victims and people killed in the defense of the United States. He would round up and deport 11 million people, a forced movement on a scale not attempted since Stalin or perhaps Pol Pot. He has, during the course of his campaign, denigrated women, Jews, Muslims, Mexicans, people with disabilities and many more. He routinely trades in wild falsehoods and doubles down when his lies are exposed.

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  1. February 25, 2016 6:37 PM

    The lack of spine among a huge swath of the GOP is simply stunning to witness. If they can not call out the most obvious danger to their name brand why should anyone have faith they can actually govern in a meaningful way?

  2. February 25, 2016 5:27 PM

    And don’t forget — WI GOP pols are lining up to support him, or, at the very least, saying they will support him if he actually gets the party’s presidential nomination. Where are the Kochs when you need them? Frankly, I continue to feel pity for the people who say they “love” and support Mr. Trump. And I’ll do something I’ve only done a couple of times in my voting lifetime. I’ll be donating money to non-Teapublican/non-Trump-supporting candidates.

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