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Will Republican Party Slide Into Raw Political Violence?

February 26, 2016

The New York Times has a great read for the morning after the most pathetic debate performance yet for the Republican presidential candidates.

After watching the Republican debate last night it was very clear that other than John Kasich no one else was even qualified to carry toilet paper to the White House bathrooms let alone sit anywhere near the Oval Office. It was the most outlandish display yet–and we have seen a great deal already this cycle!

So what follows from here?

At the rate it is going perhaps raw political violence in the GOP?

Even by the standards of 2016, this was a nasty debate. Mr. Trump has set the standard for personal vitriol in the campaign, and he lived up to it in Houston, mocking Mr. Rubio as a clumsy ‘choke artist’ and once again calling Mr. Cruz a liar to his face.

But for once, Mr. Trump’s opponents reciprocated — especially Mr. Rubio. The Florida senator caricatured Mr. Trump as a dunce on policy who repeats five canned lines over and over, and said that Mr. Trump would have amounted to little without inheriting a fortune from his father.

Should the race ever narrow to just Mr. Trump and either Mr. Rubio or Mr. Cruz, it could showcase a level of raw political violence unlike any recent presidential primary campaign.

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